Simplifying Professional Media Production

Superior audio for every production type. With efficiency driven by simplicity, our patented AudioMind technology combined with our AudioSense hardware streamlines manual, time-consuming processes saving time, money, and resources.

Streamline Sound Capture

Our award-winning AudioSense microphone array combined with stereoscopic camera abilities transmits data to our AudioMind API absorbing the totality of sound in any space and processing with our patented software.

Drop the Mic

Hassle-free hardware eliminates existing audio equipment, making LAV, desk and boom mics a thing of the past.

Set It & Forget It

A simple one-time setup gets you up & running in just a few hours. No need to reset between shoots or different set-ups.

Off Camera

Our non-intrusive microphone array sits outside the scene, capturing high-quality sound from afar without disrupting on-camera workflow.

“We are excited to use the Insoundz Audiomind Studio solution — this technological breakthrough changes and streamlines our workflow. All that’s left is to dream of the possibilities that will open up to us!”

– Effi Lupo, CTO, i24 News

Enabling Superior Audio in Live and Post-Production

Newsrooms & Talk Shows

Enjoy a fully-automated audio production experience supporting live and live-to-tape broadcast. A one-time install supports multiple studio set-ups and tapings. No mics on set, no waste.

Scripted Episodic Drama

Scripted Episodic Drama

Eliminate the need for boom mics, intrusive audio equipment, and other complexities with our AudioSense mic array. By virtually mic’ing anyone, anywhere on set we provide unlimited discrete audio channels per the script simplifying your post-production process.

Unscripted Drama Photo

Unscripted Drama/Reality

Never miss a sound bite, no matter how the action unfolds. Capture all content and enable new storylines, reducing the need for sound effects. With fully tagged and indexed audio data, simplify post-production work and drive higher engagement..

On-Location Drama/Film

On-Location Drama/Film

Capture quality audio even on the most challenging sets. Save costs by significantly shortening scene set-up times, eliminating expensive audio equipment, and minimizing post-production dubbing and rework.

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