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Safe & Sanitized Production During COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a seismic impact worldwide in the broadcasting & media industry, reaching a complete standstill due to current production methods.

Through a remote, fully automated, touchless audio solution, Insoundz reduces the risk of personal infection in audio production via social distancing and zero contact.

Audio Production Post COVID-19 Requires a New Approach

Sanitization and hygiene require special attention now more than ever as audio production is being heavily impacted, and productions are shut down or require costly adaptations.

Capturing sound using microphones, such as LAV and boom, are processes that require close proximity to technicians and speakers, presenting ongoing risks.

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Instead of optimizing existing solutions, wasting time & money on microphones, it’s time for a digital transformation in a post-pandemic world.

a fully-automated, AI-based platform that volumetrically captures and processes audio, capturing (seizing) raw audio without the need to use intrusive microphone equipment like neck, LAV and boom mics.

At Risk
Fully Automate Audio Production

Audio technology innovation has reached a barrier, but at this unique moment, as technology, crisis, and artistic ingenuity have all collided, it created a ‘perfect storm’  for sound production to make that necessary leap forward.

Insoundz’ game-changing solution is a patented technology platform, using AI and deep learning to capture and separate sound by creating a volumetric audio model of any space, in real-time and with broadcast quality.

Zero Mics, Zero Hassle, Zero Contamination 

“This is just the start of an audio revolution – the elimination of intrusive equipment, a rise in remote production, a new focus on object-based audio, and increased demand for content across all platforms are setting the stage for what’s ahead.”
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