New Experiences
for the Immersive Age

We empower the next generation of media professionals, creators and viewers.
From studio productions to the future of immersive content and remote tech, our tools enable creativity and freedom,
giving those on a quest to use audio an intuitive, engaging and powerful sound solution.

Insoundz supports fully-immersive audio experiences across various platforms, from newsroom and film productions to AR/VR and telepresence, rendering audio content that’s synced to the viewer’s point-of-view in real-time.

Professional Media Production

A Superior Audio Solution for Every Production Type

Newsrooms & talk shows

Enjoy a fully-automated audio production experience supporting live and live-to-tape broadcast. A one-time install supports multiple studio set-ups and tapings. No mics on set, no waste.

Scripted episodic drama

Our AudioSense mic array eliminates the need for boom mics or other complex, intrusive audio equipment. Unlimited discreet audio channels per the script simplify your post-production process by mic’ing everyone and everything on set.

Unscripted drama / reality

Never miss a sound bite, no matter how the action unfolds. Capture all content and enable new story lines, reducing the need for sound effects. With fully tagged and indexed audio data, simplify post-production work and drive higher engagement.

On location drama / film

Capture quality audio even on the most challenging sets. Save costs by significantly shortening scene set-up times, eliminating expensive audio equipment and minimizing post-production dubbing and rework.

Powering Immersive Audio, Empowering Professionals


Insoundz drives engagement by powering audio for the next generation of content experiences, ensuring your productions are future-proof.


With efficiency driven by simplicity, Insoundz streamlines manual, time-consuming processes, giving time back to audio production professionals so that
they are able to better hone their craft.


Insoundz enables personalized viewing experiences by letting consumers hear and view the shows they know and love the way they want, how they want.


Insoundz supports all creators, regardless of their audio production experience, by enabling new ideas for content that weren’t possible before, and elevating the quality of usergenerated content.

Immersive Audio

Immersive Audio for Future Experiences

The need to connect virtually is greater than ever before. The next generation of video conferencing is knocking at your door. Our first-of-its-kind volumetric audio solution creates fully immersive sound that enables the future of virtually-connected experiences: remote presence, virtual audio solutions and audio enhanced data.

Remote Presence

When communicating remotely, the way we want to be heard is critical. With Insoundz, background noise is no longer a source of distraction. Powered by cutting edge AI and our patented real-time de-reverb algorithm, Insoundz separates the speaker from the noise so that anyone can sound as if they’re present. Whether it’s for business or social interaction, Insoundz gives listeners the ability to cut through the clutter of a noisy environment and focus only on what they want to hear in real-time. Insoundz’s telepresence abilities enable users to zoom in on precisely the object they want, giving complete control over what they want to hear and how they are heard.

XR Audio Solutions

Harnessing the power of sound, Insoundz enables a completely immersive environment. From virtual & augmented reality, to 360° video and more, Insoundz’s audio solutions create a connected experience greater than ever before. Where today’s XR capabilities create virtual spaces, now with Insoundz, audio is finally aligned. By creating a volumetric acoustic model of any space in a virtual environment, we render audio matched to the speaker in real-time enabling a true 6DoF audio experience and complete immersion.

Audio Data

Hands-free and voice interaction devices are now synonymous with superior consumer experience. Insoundz understands the need to meet current product demand, as device development in smart speakers, voice assistance and connected home continues its growth across TV, media, retail and CPG. In response, Insoundz has developed audio-enhanced capabilities to provide superior first-party data value attribution, smarter insights and reduced error rates. All along, providing users with the rich response information they have come to expect and enjoy.

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