Rise Above
the Noise

Our professional audio solution is built for the immersive age, helping you volumetrically capture and separate sound as well as enable a multitude of audio capabilities unlike never before.

Insoundz has created the first fully-automated audio production platform that enables 6DoF sound capture, eliminating many of the pain points of audio production today.

Insoundz’s technology automatically captures and separates sound in real-time.
The result is superior audio experience in live and post-production — maximizing freedom and creativity to drive impact and engagement.

True Object-Based Audio

AudioMind by Insoundz is a patented software suite, delivering real-time broadcast-ready media assets, s superior content management & search, along with sound source auto-detection & tracking.

Our next generation volumetric audio solution encodes sources as objects with metadata that sets the microphone’s placement in 3D space, making sense of the space, source and sound.

Making Sense
of Space

Our technology makes sense of any space, whether in-studio or on-location, by building a 3D model of the acoustics in real-time. This provides enhanced engineering capabilities to optimize your content as it’s being created.

Making Sense
of Source

By analyzing a multitude of sound waves – as well as its diffraction and reverberation – our technology identifies with precision even the slightest of sound bites in any given space. These advanced capabilities allows us to create algorithms that learns the distribution and directionality of the source, recognizing and separating the sounds in real-time.

Making Sense
of Sound

Using AI & deep learning, we make sense of sound in real-time, differentiating between primary speaking sources, background noise, or room reverb. Both indoor and outdoor, no matter how challenging the environment – we isolate and enhance sound in real-time, creating clean audio. From there, audio professionals can add depth, color, effects and more.

Simplifying Sound Capture

AudioSense’s multi-microphone sensor platform, combined with stereoscopic camera abilities, transmits the data to the AudioMind software solution to absorb the totality of sound in any space. The AudioSense mic array communicates through off-the-shelf ethernet infrastructure to simplify and maximize your creative process and workflow.

Drop the Mic

Hassle-free hardware eliminates existing audio equipment, making LAV, desk and boom mics a thing of the past.

Set It & Forget It

A simple one-time set-up gets you up & running in just a few hours. No need to reset between shoots or different set-ups.

Off Camera

Our non-intrusive microphones sit outside the scene, capturing high quality sound from afar without disrupting on-camera workflow.

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