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Automatically capture and separate sound in real-time with any device. Whether recording a podcast or building content for the metaverse, Insoundz is the future of audio content creation.

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What is spatial audio and why does it matter?

Spatial audio creates an acoustical​​ experience intended to heighten immersion by simulating a surround-sound setup. Simply put, spatial audio is the ability to recreate the way we hear sound in real-life.

In our everyday lives, we hear sounds and voices from their relevant distance and orientation to us. People in front of us will sound different than when they are behind us. The ability to recreate this experience mandates a method to capture sound in a given location exactly as it was originally produced. With spatial audio enabled, consuming content—like videos, games, and movies—becomes a better experience for anyone.

“With well-produced spatial audio recordings, listeners are able to not only hear the difference; they actually feel a difference.”

– Frank Fitzpatrick, Forbes

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AudioMind Anywhere

From podcasting, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram content creation to gaming, augmented reality, and virtual reality we enable fully automated, studio-quality spatial audio capture and rendering on any device, in any location.

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AudioMind Studio

From newsrooms and talk shows to TV and film production, we eliminate the need for individual mic’ing of speakers and automate production workflow for audio professionals working across various media formats and production scenarios.

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