Revive™ enhances any source audio to studio quality

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With Revive™

Elevate Audio. Streamline Workflows. Ignite Inspiration.

Revive™ Features

Revive™ takes streamed or pre-recorded audio and video, then applies generative AI signal processing to output the same streams with greatly increased studio-like audio and proximity effect. Keep the sound you want – we’ll remove the rest.

Revive™ employs AI to regenerate speech from any recording, eliminating noise to the extent that it sounds like it was close microphoned in a studio environment. This is not traditional filtering but an all-new way of extracting broadcast-quality audio from nearly any recording.

Background Noise / Hum Removal

Experience the power of advanced generative AI de-noising. Whether you want to eliminate ambient sounds for a clean speech file or remove momentary interferences, our AI offers you the choice. Achieve unparalleled speech intelligibility striking the ideal balance between clarity and ambience.

Reverb Suppression / Removal

Our revolutionary technology eliminates acoustic sound wave reflections and echoing, transforming any audio file into a masterpiece that sounds as if it were recorded in a professionally treated space. Say goodbye to unwanted reverberations and welcome crystal-clear sound that captivates your listeners.

Adaptive Speech Isolation

Experience the power of dynamic speech signal separation like never before. Our advanced technology excels at separating speech signals from any audio source, even in challenging or noisy environments.

Bandwidth Extension

Revolutionize your audio archives and breathe new life into faulty recordings with our groundbreaking feature. Our innovative technology specializes in reconstructing badly recorded, old, or compressed audio files, restoring them to today’s standard with unparalleled clarity and quality. Say goodbye to muffled sounds and distorted recordings, and welcome a renewed audio experience that captivates your audience.

Dynamic EQ

Our technology empowers you to enhance the less prominent frequencies and reduce harsh frequencies, aligning them with an individual speaker’s natural EQ curve. Say goodbye to unwanted distortions and uneven tones, and unlock the true potential of your audio recordings.

Clipping Artifacts Removal

Revitalize your audio recordings with our cutting-edge solution that effortlessly eliminates digital and analog clipping artifacts. Our revolutionary declipping technology is your ultimate tool for restoring pristine quality to recordings made in one go, or any invaluable audio that can never be replicated. Say goodbye to distortion and rediscover the true essence of your recordings with our game-changing declipping feature.

Auto Leveling Correction

Experience the transformative power of dynamic gain control with our Revive cutting-edge solution. Our advanced technology intelligently adjusts the gain, compensating for lower parts and reducing gain for louder sections, all in real-time. Say hello to dynamic level processing, a game-changing feature that ensures your audio remains balanced and consistent, regardless of its varying levels or multiple speakers scenarios. No need for manual automation or complex compression adjustments down the signal chain. With our solution, every word, every sound, and every detail is delivered with precision and clarity, creating a captivating listening experience for your audience.

Multitrack & Multi Format Support

Unlock the full potential of your stereo files or various file types with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of converting from multiple formats or from stereo to mono – our technology fully supports most commonly used files types, allowing you to retain the richness and depth of your audio. Whether you’re editing podcasts or working on film and video projects, our solution ensures that you can work with multiple types of files directly, saving you time and effort. Experience the freedom to create and produce audio in its truest form.

Loudness Correction

Achieve a perfect audio balance with Loudness Correction. This advanced feature masters the overall final level by applying dynamic range processing, ensuring a well-balanced loudness that meets the broadcast industry standard.

Loudness Correction is ideally suited for programs in which speech or dialogue takes center stage, such as podcasts, video films, educational lectures, conference recordings, captivating films, engaging videos, and informative screencasts.


Coming August 23