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    Insoundz Unveils Revive™: Next-Gen Generative AI Audio Enhancement 
    Katie Rohmeyer
    pink-calender Aug 23, 2023

    Insoundz Unveils Revive™: Next-Gen Generative AI Audio Enhancement  Transforms Any Recording into Studio-Quality Sound Instantly TEL AVIV, August 23, 2023 – insoundz, a pioneering force in generative AI audio technology and recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Design award, is excited to introduce its next-gen generative AI audio enhancement, Revive. This groundbreaking collection of audio […]

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    But isn’t Artificial Intelligence, You Know…BAD?
    Dr. Mike Metlay
    pink-calender Aug 21, 2023

    The important thing to remember is that AI is a tool, and as such, it’s not inherently “good” or “evil”

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    Dr. Mike Metlay
    pink-calender Aug 18, 2023

    What’s the difference between hearing and listening, and why does it invalidate intelligibility as a defining benchmark? And if we’re not striving for the best intelligibility, what are we striving for?

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    Cracking the Code
    Dr. Mike Metlay
    pink-calender Aug 16, 2023

    The perception of sound is one of the most basic parts of the human experience. We don’t realize how much information we get from our auditory system, and how vital it can be not only to “listening” but also to perceiving the world around us on a deeper level. So what else is going on while you’re listening, and how do your ears and brain process it? What’s so important that you have to devote brainpower to it when all you’re trying to do is have a conversation or learn something?

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